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« on: October 22, 2008, 08:43:28 AM »

Looks promising. 

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« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 09:15:09 AM »

They do not seem to have a client for Windows.  If you run a Linux machine, or want to help them make the windows package, I encourage you to go check it out.  Looks like might be a good way to set up a virtual Pen and Paper style campaign (DM makes the world and selected 'players' can play the campaign) and eventual open source morpg (-massive?)  

I like a lot about this project, but if it can not allow non-techs to play easily, then it will not be ready for the Glomp, but those who know me, this is a lot like what I want the Glomp to find, almost.

Tempted to make a linux start up (whatever it is called, I am not even a linux noob yet...) for this.  Spent about 10 hours looking, just to find out no windows client, AFAIK.  ATM this is going in my top5 list for projects to watch.  

[Edit] I will likely respond to below post, but first let me announce that I placed this thread in the wrong location when I was re-organizing the forums.  It is free to develop (even FOSS afaik) but I had placed it in "pay to play" because, and only because I was up with a 13 week old puppy, and in my distracted state was thinking about a post I was thinking about regarding Minecraft.  My apologies to Worldforge and Demarii, and thanks for catching that.  [/edit]
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« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2011, 06:18:33 AM »

Linux is the primary development environment that is true, but Windows Clients are available, the latest client is two Revisions back of current, at 5.8
I believe there is some movement on the part of the Dev team to making it easier to keep a Windows client up to date as this is considered a considerable drawback and potential reason for lack of new users sticking around.

As I posted in reply in IRC I am curious as to this topic location, WorldForge is in no way Pay to Play, its as free open source as it gets. Your free to play on any server, your free to make your own world, to hack the code to fit your own means, or make derivative works and freely make use of the media for your own games. I'd recommend a move for this one into Free to Develop as ultimate that is the core premise of the project to provide a system which allows game makers develop their own worlds, and the core design is in my opinion also significantly geared towards the concept of player interaction at a much deeper level then any other system I've seen. Most of the development of new systems recently has been on adding depth to some of these interactions.

Hope that clears a few misconceptions up.

I'm quite interested in your site and the idea of developing a community, I find this to be very in line with my own ideas and those of Worldforge so I will be checking it out more fully as time permits and dropping in on more subjects and adding my own input and ideas.

Dean (Demarii)
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« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2011, 03:09:00 AM »

Would the 5.8 version (windows) be able to be developed on a windows machine, or is a linux machine required?   Also, What kind of coding would be required? 

I would like to see a recipe developed.  (See OGRE3d recipe for example, I made the link where it should go HERE.
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2011, 09:21:43 PM »

NOTE - This was supposed to be a reply/continuation to the Worldforge Subject, somehow it got created as a new subject. title Edited. enjoy!  [Bamko note, moved it to where Demarii wanted it to be placed]

Yes, in fact any of the versions can be developed on Windows, its mostly just C++ code that makes use of many libraries, OGRE3D for graphics, OpenAL for Sound, CEGUI for the User Interface. There is some LUA scripting as well involved. The tricky part for working on windows is you have to setup the libraries and environment yourself, where-as in Linux there is an automatic script that builds it for you automatically. But it is still very do-able.

The upcoming version 6.1 is setup to be alot easier to get developing and compiling on Windows I believe, and they've also worked on some performance issues related to the windows build. A new developer named James compiled version 6.0 as a test a while back and I believe he's planning to maintain and develop from Windows.

As stated before the majority of the core code is in C++, with some parts using LUA.
As for creating a Recipe it would really be two fold, as Worldforge is more then just the Ember client, there is Cyphesis the game server, and also Wombat the Media repository. I would think that a general recipe or list of steps could be figured out for all of them by visiting their respective Wiki pages. As an Example...

Compiling Ember steps

And on that page is a link to a page which is Windows specific.

And a very good read to understand the overall concept of Ember

What I like most about Worldforge is that is overall design is to create tools which help others make a MORPG without having to do it all. By joining forces with others you can work with alongside them to further the whole system and also your own game.

In my opinion the the underlying mechanics of the System (The Code) is far ahead of content to utilize it. Which is why I am hoping that in time more game makers who are more comfortable making content, and doing scripting as much as pure coding join the project.

There is one aspect of the system I would point out as being very important to understand and consider. From a game makers point of view the majority of the work would not occur on Ember, most of the Ember work would be GUI work, and LUA scripting to add actions and interface changes. The bulk of the work that would take place as a game world creator would occur at the server level, adding to existing rules, or making a totally new ruleset. The current default rules is called "Mason" and its basically a game of building and interacting with the game world, but this is not to mean you can't add on and add a whole new set of combat rules, or high magic rules and when a player logs into your server with Ember they get your rules and your world, they log into mine, they will play by my ruleset, if we decided to work together as game makers we can tell our game servers to allow players to travel (Teleport) to and from each others worlds, and connect them together.

Another major aspect of game creation for this system would be World construction, not just in new 3D content, but also new NPC scripts. This part of the game system is actually quite interesting, it is based around a Natural Language system called Panlingua where you essentially teach your NPC's by giving them knowledge and priorities, and based on those they will access Action scripts, for instance I can create a Deer and then tell it that it likes to graze, and that it prefers to eat one type of food over another, I can also tell it to avoid things like fire, and other creatures, I am actually working on a new set of scripts for birds which will allow them to choose good nest locations, find materials and build a nest, or to migrate to different locations based on seasons. Last summer a google summer of code student added Fishing to the game, and I built them a fishing rod, sieve (for finding worms), and also some fish models. Thats the beauty of the Worldforge system, you all work on different things, bring different skills and talents and the project as a whole grows and develops, so a game maker does not have to build it all by themselves.

The other main project being worked on with Worldforge is for content creators like me, it is a web interface called WOMBAT that will make it easier for me to find and bring together all the various resources I would like to use, for instance right now I am working on a new building model and I want to know what textures there are for for the roof, currently I have to crawl through all the directories and look manually at each image. WOMBAT will allow me to quickly search and browse and then pull all the textures I like into a "Workbench" so that I can work with them.

So as you see, the overall idea for Worldforge is not to create a game, or a game client, but rather a game system and tools that a game maker can use to create their own game, whether it be a mmorpg, or a turn based rpg scenario akin to pen and paper, or even something else.

There is still ALOT of work to be done in every way, but worldforge is 10 years and going strong, and just gets better with each year, and every summer Google Summer of Code students bring new ideas and energy to the project. This will be another good year by the looks of things....

My personal goals for Worldforge are two-fold. First is to get better and Creating Content and Scripting for the project and also for my own game ideas. Second is to slowly create my own game world to showcase that Worldforge is not just about a game "Dural/Mason" but a system to make your own game from, and to provide a fun and entertaining game world to play. I think that aside from the lack of content the most needed thing in Worldforge is a good game world that is detailed, and interesting, and fun to play that makes full use of the mechanics available. The current default game world that it comes with does not even utilize half of the 3D content available, no sounds, and only simple scripting.

I just figured i would add a bit more information here for those who might come to read and want to get a feel for what Worldforge is, has to offer now, and strives to provide in the future.

Good luck to all those gamers out there. I hope one day you will drop by Worldforge and come play the game I make.
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