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Welcome to Glompzilla.

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Glompzilla is a site for gameplayers, gamemakers and wannabe gamemakers to explore and discuss the various projects which promise access to the technology of making games for the everyman. Start a thread or poke us in IRC if you do not see something you want.

This site is not a review site for games (not really anyway), nor is it a marketing tool for any single game, but rather I see it as a means for individuals to combine their efforts.  Have you ever found a great project that would be perfect for what you want to do, and after weeks (or months) you discover it does not work, or they do not allow you to modify the system?  Me too.

Or have you heard great things about Open Source tools but do not know where to start, and their "Step 1 tutorial" reads like a foreign language to you and you do not know where to start? 

Of course we need to build up a community of those who know how to get the average person started to help us out.  Learning can not happen without BOTH those who can teach and those who want to learn.  If you fit under either of those categories, then welcome to the Glomp! 

Discuss that here and let's review the projects.  If you want to discuss free game to play, list links and briefly review those, but if you want to develop a game, or shop for a project to join, lets also discuss those options.

Fair enough?

About us

Welcome to Glompzilla.

We have looked at quite a few projects, though obviously we have not investigated every project. We have not found one yet that would allow a person to easily create a free, simple 3d peer2peer realm, stock it with easy to set up NPCs, Mobs and landscape features and easily invite others to explore the realm they created. It is obvious that this concept is not original to us, but the other attempts we have found have had issues. 

Currently we are exploring available free tools, and developing recipes and screenshots and what-not, so instead of taking months to discover a project is not what you were looking for, you would be able to review the information and decide if you want to delve further into their team, or simply play around with it.  And if you are, either for fun, or because you are on a quest, reviewing, or working on, these projects, please help us document this information.  Remember, this is not selling games, or representing hype, but rather a chance to display, at a third party site aimed at want-to-be game-makers of various skill levels, what you, and others, are doing now, and what it is able to do now.  We encourage everyone to contribute to projects they use, if possible, but note, we also measure the merit of a project by how easy WE can learn it, and if the project and its fans refuses to help us with their own recipe, even to just post a thread with the information, we may overlook good projects.

Right now we are building the recipes and designing how everything should be organized.  Input is needed.

We see some of the issues, which we hope to solve with our efforts to include:

The difficulty of imagining everyone having free and ready access to a High-end dedicated server, which is required if one is to use the common client/server model

The freedom on developing your realm, to have the choice of selecting from many different modules or models to configure the gameplay to your desire, or alternatively, to have the opportunity to help make the modification with community support and without having to develop a complete game just to try to experiment with, for example, a different kind of magic, or combat system. Perhaps the content they want to add might simply to bring their pet dog into the art library. One never knows what small task will begin someone down the path of becoming a developer.

Some of the ways we are investigating to solve these issues include adapting or creating a peer2peer system and developing the basic system to allow our goals to be met, then assist in the negotiation and opening portals between realms, for those realm-masters who so desire. 

In addition to that we want to open communication to as many teams doing similar projects, and individuals who desire to see our goals be eventually met, and are willing to provide some encouragement, or even assistance, towards this end.   Oh, and if you have a server you want to run for us, to serve as a server to the clients of client/server projects, just PM Bamko.    

The short-term goals would be to investigate and play with the many MANY open source games out there, to play with them as we keep in mind the overall goal, and to build our skill level and build teams.  To use an analogy, a particular gamer may work on just their game, making it an island, or they may work on their game, and come here to recruit fellow devs, promote their projects and help us make a functional interface.  For example, there are a LOT of basic 2d games out there.  Imagine if you could have your 'game' be a smaller file, that would run on a standardized open source client, so players could download one client, and play many different games, without having to conform to the X-box or other consoles.  By joining forces with dozens of other games, not only can the 'client' be improved, either as a group, or individually if you do not like it (though that would give up the advantage stated above) but your game would also be able to reach more players.  I have a special interest in also setting up network(s) or portals, between games, so characters can move from game to game, pending the realm-masters agreeing and working out whatever agreements they desire. 

Come join us for debate, discussion, and maybe even development of an open, accessible and flexible solution to online gaming.

2011 updating

I am reorganizing the forums to match the new scope of the Glomp.  In the meantime, things may be not where you expect them.  Goal teams now have a defined home in the forums.  You may discuss current Goal team objectives or create your own.  If you have a project you are developing, that would go under the appropriate board (Pay to play, free to play, or free to Develop).  I use "free to develop" to differentiate from the movement to call all projects where you can access the code as "Open Source" even when you are not free to develop it on your own.  Look here for a sample of that kind of discussion 


Notice:  I am moving most posts to a semi-hidden "parking lot" we can pull from later, as well as re-organizing the forums.  I have already made one error in relocation.  Any errors are not intentional and please feel free to poke me, or reply, or whatever, to point out any disagreements.

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